First day of internal medicine and pregnancy

Organised by Dr V.LE GUERN (Internist at Doctor's Hospital COCHIN), Doctor and Professor E.PANNIER and V.TSATSARIS (obstetricians at the Port Royal Maternity Hospital COCHIN). This training will take place Friday, September 21, 2012.
It is intended for obstetricians, internists Doctors, Paediatricians, anesthetists, midwives and General Practitioners.

Location : Amphithéâtre Florent Coste 27 rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques 75014 Paris

Registration for this training day are open.
Attention, due to limited seating, it is necessary that you were addressing your application quickly (and check bulletin of payment payable to the Association Pierre BUDIN) as soon as possible.

For information or application, you can contact:

Madame Jocelyne CAYUELA
Assistante du Professeur TSATSARIS
Maternité Port Royal (5ème étage)
53 avenue de l'observatoire 75014 PARIS
Tel : 01 58 41 38 71
Fax : 01 58 41 38 01

You can also send your registration directly with the settlement check payable to the association to Jocelyne Pierre BUDIN CAYUELA.


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