Employers and recruiting

Employers and recruiting

With a vast selection of courses covering all fields of knowledge in human and life sciences (human and social sciences, law, economics and management, life and health sciences, sciences, technology and health sciences), the university offers a wide range of skills to answer your various needs.

To help with your choice, take a look at the courses offered by the university.

If you are a business company, a local authority, or an organization, and you wish to recruit an intern, an apprentice or a graduate student – take a look at the practical details of how you can submit an offer.

Recruiting an intern

Recruiting an apprentice

Recruiting a graduate student

SOFIP - Relations Entreprises

University - Employers Relations

  • Françoise Anibali
    Official representative for employers/work and study program communications
    Phone : 01 76 53 17 30
  • Sandrine Delacroix-Morvan
    Specialist in the maintenance of the Professional Network
    Phone : 01 76 53 20 32
  • Evelyne de Medeiros
    Assisting representative for corporate communications
    Phone : 01 76 53 17 46


  • Julia Spaens
    Administrative assistant
    Phone : 01 76 53 18 64

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