Apprenticeship Tax

You wish to pay us the Apprenticeship Tax

In order to fulfill your expectations concerning the qualification and the competences of your future employees, Paris Descartes University has widened its range of professional training courses to include the applied fields of health, human and social sciences, law and economic sciences, computing, mathematics and statistics, and sports.

By paying the Apprenticeship Tax to Paris Descartes University, you choose to contribute to the improvement of these training courses and you thus transform a legal obligation into a most useful investment.

How and to whom should you pay the Apprenticeship Tax:

You will find all the information and the names of contact persons in the usage guide , together with the list of training courses , of departments and research laboratories entitled to receive the tax. You may then fill in the form and send it back to us.

The deadline for payment is: February 28th 2011.

Thank you to those companies which sent a part of their Apprenticeship Taxes to Paris Descartes University in 2010.