Actions and Partnerships

Our references

In collaboration with several business enterprises, bodies and associations, as well as with former University students, the department that provides guidance for career choices and job opportunities (SOFIP) is monitoring various actions to help students plan their vocational integration:

  • The Student career-scheme course (PPE) to help the student play a major part in his/her own professional choices,
  • The Job Conferences in each major field to detail the functions played by young diploma holders,
  • The Paris Descartes' Meetings with professionals to discover a professional sector, a company, a specific function,
  • The CAP’EMPLOI workshops to develop specific skills when looking for an internship or employment, from self-assessment to the job interview simulation,
  • The Job Cafés (CAFES POUR L’EMPLOI)-/ with the association IMS acting for the people/- to learn about recruiters’ expectations and practice presenting one’s academic path and vocational project
  • Participation in Operation PHENIX: to give students with a research-oriented Master’s degree in Human Sciences the possibility to apply for open-ended contracts in managing positions in companies.


If you wish to participate in these actions, please contact us .