SOFIP – the University’s department providing guidance for career choices and job opportunities – is happy to welcome you to this section.

Business companies, local authorities, administrations, organizations, institutions… SOFIP is the ideal contact for you in the university if you want to:

  • Gather and advertise internship, apprenticeship, or job offers 
  • Help the university assist students towards their future career by developing valuable professional skills throughout their curriculum
  • Set up partnerships working towards professional integration, and enable exchanges between yourselves and students, alumni, and academic staff;
  • SOFIP is also there to help you discover the courses offered by the university.
  • Finally, the service is involved in the study and analysis of the professional integration of the university’s graduates, and of the situation of its current students in their ongoing curriculum.


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The Professional Network

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The Paris Universités  website, a portal allowing companies to access the university’s professional network, is there for you.
 It offers the possibility of creating your personal account, of posting ads at your own pace, recruiting online, and managing job applications. More information



   Consultez les offres

Register to RéseauPro , the university’s professional network. You will find internship and job offers, information, advice, lists of upcoming events, and much more.