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How are studies organized at Paris Descartes University?

Ever since the standardization of studies across Europe, also known as “the Bologna process,” studies at Paris Descartes University (except for health studies) have been organized on a two-semester basis. The 1st and 2nd examination sessions take place directly at the end of each semester.
Each degree (Bachelor’s degree program and Master’s degree program) is awarded a value in ECTS “credits” (European Credit Transfer System).
Each semester counts for 30 ECTS. Capitalization of these 30 ECTS requires validation through examinations.
The Bachelor’s degree program corresponds to the validation of 180 ECTS (6 semesters) and the Master’s degree program to the validation of 120 ECTS (4 semesters).
Programs are categorized into broad disciplinary fields and are subdivided in specializations (“mentions”), and then in specialties (“spécialités”).

What is available at Paris Descartes University?

At L level 3 years, 1st cycle, general and professional) and at M level  (2 years, 2nd cycle, general and professional), a whole range of degree-issuing training programs in four large disciplinary fields are available:

  • Health (medicine, dental surgery, pharmacy),
  • Human and Social Sciences (Education Sciences, Language Sciences, Social Sciences),
  • Law, Economics, Management,
  • Sciences, Technologies and Health (Biomedical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities)

The general Bachelor’s degree programs in each of the four fields allow students to pursue studies with a Master’s degree and then with a PhD.
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