Welcome to the INTERNATIONAL section of Paris Descartes University.


This section was updated in September 2011. Its aim is to enhance the strategic visibility of Paris Descartes University implemented by all the employees of the University.

This section aims at showing the wealth of actions carried out on an international scale by Paris Descartes University and at providing tools to help build projects in education, research and foreign student exchanges.

These actions concern all the main missions of the University:

  • Initial and continuous education,
  • Research,
  • European Forums on Education and Research at University,
  • International cooperation,
  • Career advice and occupational integration
  • Distribution of scientific culture.


This section has deliberately been mainly structured around the partnerships and the students, whether they are French or foreign; therefore it is advisable to be attentive to the numerous links made both outside and within the site of Paris Descartes University.

The purpose of this section is also to report on the wealth and transversality of the actions set up while remaining watchful of the constant evolutions of both the numerous projects and the new tools gradually implemented to accompany them.

It is the reason why a section entitled "News" will be put on line at the beginning of 2012. With it, you will be able to ask questions, make suggestions or proposals, and contact members of the "International" team of Paris Descartes University directly: this section is also yours!