• Psychology in Question
    By Annick Ohayon et Régine Plas
  • Eshu, the god of Africa and of the New World
    By Erwan Dianteill et Michèle Chouchan
  • Political Stakes of digital documents
    Under the direction of Évelyne Broudoux and Ghislaine Chartron
  • Psychologists and Wars
    By Elisabeth Chapuis, Jean-Pierre Petard, Régine Plas
  • Reduction of infectious risks in drug users. Collective expertise
    Group of experts and authors: P.-Y. Bello, C. Ben Lakhdar, M. P. Carrieri, J.-M. Costes, P. Couzignou, F. Dubois-Arber, A. Guichard, M. Jauffret-Roustide, G. Le Naour, D. Lucidarme, L. Michel, P. Polomeni, A.-J. Remy, L. Simmat-Durand
  • The challenges of aging, age, work, retirement, international perspectives
    By Anne-Marie Guillemard
  • The invention of the ‘sans-papiers,’ undocumented immigrants and refugees.
    By Thierry Blin
  • Speak to those whom you do not love – the Babel challenge
    By Alain Bentolia
  • From diagnosis to treatment: Rorschach and MM-PI2
    Serge Sultan & Lionel Chudzik (dir.)
  • German athletic workers confronted with Nazism
    Guillaume Robin
  • The Destitution of Intellectuals
    Yves Charles Zarka
  • These teens we’re afraid of
    Pierre G. Coslin
  • Letter to today’s parents
    Philippe Jeammet
  • The Making of Depression
    Xavier Briffault
  • The Metamophoses of Fat
    Georges Vigarello
  • HIV/AIDS. Confronting the field. Experiments and research positions.
    Under the direction of Fanny Chabrol and Gabriel Girard.
  • Preventive Strikes – Women, Precancer, and Prophylactic Surgery
    Ilana Löwy is a senior researcher at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Science.
  • The Forgotten Ones
    Anne Tursz, pediatrician, epidemiologist and research director at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Science. Researcher at the Cermes.
  • The FNAC (National Purchasing Federation of Managers) between trade and culture
    Vincent Chabault
  • Adolescence, an opportunity for the city
    Guillaume Macher
  • Who are you Mr. Maffesoli
    Interviews with Christophe Bourseiller
  • Matrimonium. Little Treatise on Ecosophy
    Understanding today, anticipating tomorrow: a new ‘Discourse on Method’ by Michel Maffesoli
  • Medical devices
    Under the direction of Francis Megerlin and James C. Robinson. Preface by François Lhoste
  • The Truth about Dietary Supplements
    Luc Cynober
  • The Society of Unrest
    Alain Ehrenberg, director of the CESAMES research laboratory
  • Unrest in Society – Submission and resistance
    Jan Spurk, Philosophy professor
  • Entrepreneurship and Integration
    Work coordinated by Martine Brasseur
  • The Child Who Said Nothing
    Laurent Danon-Boileau
  • The Fatigue of Being Oneself
    Alain Ehrenberg, Director of the CESAMES research laboratory
  • Our Children Tomorrow – For a multicultural society
    Marie Rose Moro
  • The Ill Spirit
    Pierre Henri Castel
  • Norms, discourse and pathologies of the political body
    Under the direction of Eric Letonturier and Pierre-Yves Gaudard