Paris Descartes University offers training courses in all the important fields of knowledge. This multidisciplinarity allows PDU to offer competitive career-oriented courses and guarantees research excellence.

10 keys to succeed:

During all your studies you will benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Hospitality and tutoring programs, thanks to mentoring.
  2. New information technologies: student email accounts accessible from anywhere, multimedia facilities on a self-service basis, etc.
  3. The Digital Work Environment (ENT) will allow you to work on line: duplication of lecture notes, timetables, document sharing, bibliographies, etc.
  4. Libraries and multimedia tools: presence of a library in every faculty with possible borrowing, catalogues, 17,000 online reviews.
  5. SOFIP, a department that provides guidance for career choices and job opportunity will help to elaborate course track and professional integration.
  6. Possible re-training thanks to custom-designed tracks, easier access to life sciences track for students with passing grades but not allowed to enrol in medical or pharmacy studies.
  7. Fewer exams and more continuous assessment.
  8. Foreign language learning: technical English for the discipline chosen, intensive training courses to facilitate international exchanges.
  9. Possible inward and outward  student mobility favored by international exchanges, cooperation agreements, student financial support.
  10. Student involvement in university life, student commitment supported by varied associations, promotion of sports activities.